The 3 Step Healthy “Mermaid Mocktail” Recipe:

You’ve likely seen Unicorn Food pop up on your Instagram feed (it’s hard to miss!), but have you heard of Unicorn Food’s sexy new sister – The Mermaid Mocktail?

Whether you’re strapping on your boots in this unseasonal Nor’Easter, or you’re basking by the beach, there’s something about have a beautiful mocktail during the day that makes you feel like you’re on a faraway island. Sometimes a beautiful drink, some summer vibes, and a good book are all that you need to relax. Great to share with your kids, too – or add a little champagne for yourself!

Made with butterfly blue pea tea, the health benefits of this sophisticated and simple drink are so far-reaching! Great to enjoy hot or cold – all year round!




Enjoy hot or add ice and place in the freezer for 15 minutes to enjoy it cold!

The drink makes a splash at parties!

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